Titanus PRO-SENS

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Titanus PRO-SENS

The TITANUS PRO-SENS ® is a versatile aspiration smoke detector for a wide range of applications. The modular design principle allows you to find an economically sound solution tailored to individual customer requirements.

An additional advantage is the possibility of equipping the aspiration detector with a second detector module. Thus, with the help of a single detector, it is possible to separately control two zones separately or to activate the algorithms of fire-prevention automation by triggering two detector modules.

TITANUS PRO-SENS ® is available in versions with 1 or 2 (when installing two detector modules) alarm levels, as well as in low-temperature or low (up to 23 dB) noise levels.

According to EN 54-20, one TITANUS PRO-SENS ® 2 aspirating detector can replace up to 200 point fire detectors. The maximum length of the pipe system can be up to 600 m. This has become possible due to the powerful fan of the aspiration detector.