Cerberus PRO

Fire control panel (4L)

Fire control panel (4L)

Модель: FC724-ZA

Артикул: S54400-C30-A2

FC722-ZA  Fire control panel (2L)
FCA2001-A1  RS232 module (isolated)
FN2002-A1  Repeater (SAFEDLINK)
FN2007-A1  Fiber network module (MM)
FP2004-A1  Power supply kit (150W,A)
AX1213  Accumulator 12V 4.0Ah

AX1213 Accumulator 12V 4.0Ah

Модель: AX1213

Артикул: BPZ:4392990001

BAT12-25  Battery 12V,25Ah(28Ah,LL)
FA2003-A1  Battery 12V, 7Ah, VDS

FA2003-A1 Battery 12V, 7Ah, VDS

Модель: FA2003-A1

Артикул: A5Q00019353

FA2004-A1  Battery 12V, 12Ah, VDS
HI720  Heat detector (static + RoR)

HI720 Heat detector (static + RoR)

Модель: HI720

Артикул: S54310-F4-A1

HI722  Heat detector (static only)

HI722 Heat detector (static only)

Модель: HI722

Артикул: S54310-F3-A1

OH720  Multi-sensor smoke detector

OH720 Multi-sensor smoke detector

Модель: OH720

Артикул: S54310-F2-A1

OOH740  Multi-sensor smoke detector, ASA
FDS229-R  Sounder/Beacon red

FDS229-R Sounder/Beacon red

Модель: FDS229-R

Артикул: A5Q00023093

AI330  adapter frame

AI330 adapter frame

Модель: AI330

Артикул: BPZ:3169430001

BA721  Base attachment wet

BA721 Base attachment wet

Модель: BA721

Артикул: S54319-F29-A1

DB721 Detector base with loop contact
DB722  Detector Base

DB722 Detector Base

Модель: DB722

Артикул: S54319-F19-A1

FDMC291  Protective cover

FDMC291 Protective cover

Модель: FDMC291

Артикул: A5Q00001644

FDME221  Call point unit

FDME221 Call point unit

Модель: FDME221

Артикул: A5Q00002451

FDMG291  Spare glass

FDMG291 Spare glass

Модель: FDMG291

Артикул: A5Q00002122

FDMH291-R  Housing red

FDMH291-R Housing red

Модель: FDMH291-R

Артикул: A5Q00002217

DMZ1196-AC  Spare glass plate
DMZ1197-AC  Protective cover

DMZ1197-AC Protective cover

Модель: DMZ1197-AC

Артикул: BPZ:5223550001

DMZ1197-AD  Seal

DMZ1197-AD Seal

Модель: DMZ1197-AD

Артикул: BPZ:5470680001

FDME223  Call point unit

FDME223 Call point unit

Модель: FDME223

Артикул: A5Q00003087

FDM226-RG  Manual call point

FDM226-RG Manual call point

Модель: FDM226-RG

Артикул: A5Q00013435

FDMC295  Protective cover

FDMC295 Protective cover

Модель: FDMC295

Артикул: A5Q00013440

DFZ1190  Rain hood

DFZ1190 Rain hood

Модель: DFZ1190

Артикул: BPZ:5302660001

FDF241-9  flame detector

FDF241-9 flame detector

Модель: FDF241-9

Артикул: A5Q00003006

FDFB291  Base for flame detector

FDFB291 Base for flame detector

Модель: FDFB291

Артикул: A5Q00003310

MV1  Mounting bracket

MV1 Mounting bracket

Модель: MV1

Артикул: BPZ:3950450001

DLF1191-AA  Short dist. filter 7-10m
DLF1191-AB  Short dist. filter 5-8m
DLF1191-AC  Extraneous light filter
DLH1191A  detector heating element
FDCH221  Housing

FDCH221 Housing

Модель: FDCH221

Артикул: S54312-F3-A1

FDCI221  Input module

FDCI221 Input module

Модель: FDCI221

Артикул: S54312-F1-A1

FDCI222  Input modul 4-IN

FDCI222 Input modul 4-IN

Модель: FDCI222

Артикул: A5Q00001984

FDCIO221  Input/Output module

FDCIO221 Input/Output module

Модель: FDCIO221

Артикул: S54312-F2-A1

F50F410  Flat cabel W/LEDs 50-POL.
FT2001-A1  Mimic display driver

FT2001-A1 Mimic display driver

Модель: FT2001-A1

Артикул: A5Q00014417

FP120-Z1  Power supply kit A 70W
FDAI92-EX  Alarm indicator - Surface
FDCH222  Installation housing

FDCH222 Installation housing

Модель: FDCH222

Артикул: S54329-F10-A1

FDCL221-Ex  Line adapter (Ex)

FDCL221-Ex Line adapter (Ex)

Модель: FDCL221-EX

Артикул: S54329-F4-A1

FDM223-Ex  Manual call point complete
DCA1191  Housing with cover

DCA1191 Housing with cover

Модель: DCA1191

Артикул: BPZ:4588560001

EOL22(EX)  End of line unit

EOL22(EX) End of line unit

Модель: EOL22(EX)

Артикул: BPZ:5162220001

SB3  Shunt zener diode barrier

SB3 Shunt zener diode barrier

Модель: SB3

Артикул: BPZ:4837400001

Z3I410  installation set sb2/3

Z3I410 installation set sb2/3

Модель: Z3I410

Артикул: BPZ:4837660001

DCA1192A  Circuit unit

DCA1192A Circuit unit

Модель: DCA1192A

Артикул: BPZ:5081200001

DCB1192A  terminal plate

DCB1192A terminal plate

Модель: DCB1192A

Артикул: BPZ:5084500001

DF1101-EX  infrared flame detector
DFB1190  base for flame detector
DX791  Detector exchanger

DX791 Detector exchanger

Модель: DX791

Артикул: S54319-F6-A1

FDLU291  Adjustment set

FDLU291 Adjustment set

Модель: FDLU291

Артикул: A5Q00004905

FDUL221  Line Tester

FDUL221 Line Tester

Модель: FDUL221

Артикул: A5Q00004397

FDUM291  Telescope rod 1,6m/4m

FDUM291 Telescope rod 1,6m/4m

Модель: FDUM291

Артикул: A5Q00004996

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Cerberus PRO

Cerberus PRO is a reliable and convenient protection!

A new generation intelecto fire safety systems.

Protection of people and property. Protection of business processes and continuity. That's why the need for fire protection. Cerberus PRO® from Siemens is intelecto managed system pozharobezopasnost with a fast and accurate detection of fires and fire alarms. Its wide range includes powerful panels - from stand-alone to the panels with ability to connect to the network, reliable detectors, manufactured using patented technology and a large number of peripheral devices with power supply from loop. All system components have special safety features that increase safety, e.g. emergency mode in control panels or built-in isolators in each detector and peripheral device.